About Us

Welcome to the world of CrazyWears,  as crazy we are to passion the mobiles, with covers, that sometimes look crazy, we not crazy for fun of it,  it is the product we are proud to produce, the best that, as with crazy of the people. We no once competitor, we just compete ourselves, just give the best, for the crazy, we think is no fun, it is just give a viable quality. This Crazy is just an idea, an idea that is, simple yet, striving for space to stand tall, it is just to be crazy for the people who like to be one and, in process we are just started with to that hold good  for your with MOBILE Phone Covers and POPsockets, we are focusing, three factors, which not norms but a promise to  be and they like this one quick delivery, a promise that we have cultivating, the customer service is an enchanted stride and we stop on best quality, that is best. crazywears.in has started in Hyderabad, India and We planning to serve across World.
  If you’re as crazy as we are and obsessed the passion, we have plenty in Crazy covers, so if you are Crazy  with your mobile phones, you can easily get indulged with a questions or two 
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